Site Engineering


Over the last 25 years, we have gained a vast amount of experience in Engineering Surveying. Over recent years, Skilltran has provided services for a number of high profile projects.



Services that Skilltran provides:


- Site Setting out of grindlines and structural       elements

- Site Setting out. 

- Quality Site Engineering surveys, including , topographical surveys and As-built surveys.


Our Site Engineering work with construction companies has seen us working on: Civil Engineering, house building, commercial construction, schools and road contracts.


Control Surveys Network


We offer fully adjusted control networks and control stations, adjusted to millimeter accuracy, wich allows for precise stations to be in place throughout the construction procedure


We can provide:


- Installation and maintenance of primary and secondary 3 dimensional control.

- Transferring secondary control and level datums onto structures as they progress.

- Traditional levelling techniques between the points for further accuracy.







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